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Our services include but are not limited to the following - Static Security, Corporate Security, Retail Loss Prevention, Property and Construction, Mobile Patrols, Concierge Services, Risk Analysis, Centralized CCTV and Alarm Monitoring, Crowd Control Traffic Control. It is the mission of Santeri to customize a suitable and effective security plan to fit your needs. Santeri has extensive experience in providing security services to a variety of industries including Construction, Hotels and Licensed Venues, Retail, Hospital and Aged Care Facilities.

Executive Security

We offer security services to VIP's or those who may be in high-risk due to their employment, celebrity status, wealth, institutions or geographical area. Our VIP officers are fully trained and licensed escort officers. With sound knowledge of Sydney Metro and surrounding suburbs, our officers also hold a defensive driving accreditation.

Uniformed Guard

Guarding of property which may include a factories, warehouses or special events, we also offer electronic proximity reader systems to provide actual tracking of our officers’ whereabouts.

Technical Security

We are happy to announce that the technical arm of our business is now in operation. Our research and development team have worked closely with Secure Tech Pty Ltd to provide you with the most robust and sophisticated CCTV and Access Control Systems at competitive prices.

We are also enthusiastic about the latest in CCTV technology not yet seen in Australia. Products and Programs that can be added to your existing security infrastructure is a cost effective way to improve your CCTV system dramatically, watch this space.

Construction Security

Our security guards are fully inducted and given site instructions or Standing Orders and ensure requirements are clearly laid out. We also monitor staff remotely utilising personal safety and tracking device - this enables us to respond quickly in the event of an emergency. Construction security officer's duty is as follows:

Working with Project Manager/Site Supervisor

  • Ensure incident and daily reports are written accurately.
  • Attend routine meetings with management when required

General Duties

  • Enforce all rules and regulations
  • Regular patrols to the interior and exterior of building complex
  • Engage and report any incidents.
  • Check to ensure any equipment or machinery left onsite is in a secure location
  • Check all electrical and plumbing after hours to ensure they're turned off.
  • Assess for any other potential construction problems which may cause property damage including flooding or fire.

Facility Staff and Visitor Support

  • Escort employees after hours if and when required
  • Assist with visitor and employee safety.

Access Control

  • Maintain and enforce organisational procedures (Id checks and Name Badges)
  • Maintain log of after-hours employees and contractors.
  • Secure entrances and exits and clear fire escapes.
  • Open/close entrances and that start of each work day


  • Manage loss prevention
  • Regular fire safety equipment are checked
  • Able to respond to fire and other emergencies

Risk management

Risk Management involves a systematic reduction to risk and/or possibility of it happening. Our Risk Management Officers are trained and licenced to conduct on-site evaluation of person/property with the intention of avoiding theft, damage, trespassing, fraudulent claims, bodily harm, intimidation or extortion.

Concierge & Cleaning Service

Some businesses may require a licenced security officer who will carry out normal cleaning or concierge services. Whether your facility is an office building, residential location, or hotel, every Santeri Security concierge/cleaner must pass the same screening and training requirements.

In relation to our concierge service, Santeri typically provide services to high-end residential properties ranging from small to large, high traffic rental properties. A residential building may require one security concierge, while a high-rise office complex may require a desk staffed by multiple officers in professional attire. We, at Santeri Security work closely with property managers to ensure that our concierge security services function smoothly.

Patrol Officers

A highly visible Security Patrol unit can provide a strong deterrent to a potential criminal. Patrol personnel are not only specifically selected based on the amount of experience on patrol; they must also have a near perfect driving record. Our skilled Mobile area Supervisors have an unsurpassed track record of satisfied clients.

Crowd Control

Santeri Security offers security crowd controllers for special events and licenced club venues. If you the owner, manager or licensee of a club who is concerned about your liability? Santeri Security is proficient in dealing with volatile situations escalated by intoxicated and disruptive crowds. We work closely with local police to ensure violence and property damage is kept at an absolute minimal level. We also become involved in liquor Accord Meetings to listen to public and business concerns and offer advice where necessary.

Duties Include

  • Verify proof of age.
  • Entry Screening
  • Capacity regulations enforced
  • Consistently monitor crowds inside and outside of the facility to maintain a controlled environment. Prevention is the key, on-going in-house training on alcohol related violent behavioural patterns and physical restraint and take down training is required before a crowd controller is able to work in licenced premises.

Security Consultancy

With so many unnecessary costs spent on security products and services, it may seem like you're just throwing money away. Quite simply, our security consultants examine the real likelihood of the threat and actively work in advance to alleviate or prevent the danger which is the real work of security.

Health Care Security and Loss Prevention Services

Health Care Security Services

We offer security services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities. We offer a proven program to identify and assess a facility's exposure to security and liability-related vulnerabilities. Hospitals have unique security challenges that healthcare providers must address to enhance the quality of their delivered services. HCSP provides an exclusive plan for the Healthcare Industry, working closely with you and your staff to provide a safe and secure healthcare environment.

Loss Prevention Security

It's absolutely crucial to keep your business safe and free from robberies, vandalism and personal attacks. Santeri Security Loss Prevention division has been protecting retail businesses since 2005. Our presence as uniformed officers works as a deterrent, warning off any would-be thieves. We can provide you with guards specialised in managing your shopping centre security needs and also provide uniformed or undercover security for in-store operations. We will ensure that our security guards are suited to your environment. Santeri Security prides itself by providing its clients with professional and courteous security officers at competitive rates. Santeri Security retail guards are trained internally to the highest levels, enabling them to deal with any given situation that may occur during business hours or after hours.

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